Dancing into the Storm!

So...... I've had a couple of 'different' Shoots over the last few weeks, when I say different I mean different to Weddings! My first one was a Michael Jackson Tribute at a kids birthday party (which will follow shortly) and the second being an awesome Dance Shoot with the wonderful and beautiful subject Lauren.

Just before 'Storm Emma' hit us we went out into the cold and searched this quirky town we call 'Ches Vegas' and found us some rugged backdrops to create something a bit funky for Lauren's Portfolio update. Needless to say it was the end of February and not very warm! I wasn't too bad (apart from my hands) Lauren however may disagree :) She did extremely well jumping around in hardly anything to achieve the desired results.

I wanted to choose somewhere that wasn't 'pretty' to try and create a contrast against the subject. In my head it needed colour and a certain moodiness about it. We explored the surroundings of Queen's Park, which in hindsight is stunning in its rural beauty... but we went behind the scenes a little and found the back alleys and pathways before heading downtown to the subways.

The eeriness of the subways was just the right amount and just what I was looking for. It had these retro looking tiles, some colourful Graffiti and this gorgeous light flooding through the tunnels! Very happy with the end results,,, take a look!

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